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Beyond all the involvement and commitment to the quality of printed products that permeate the company, Posigraf offers more - a package of integrated solutions that relates directly to the printed media and which makes it much easier for customers that need supplementary marketing services or additional services at some stage on the pre or post-printing process.

Just tell us what you need and Posigraf will resolve it.


Creation studio


Designers, advertisers, journalists and art-workers put together to work in the creation studio. They study the communication requests of each customer and offer creative and innovative solutions in production services, including content creation, conception of graphic materials, image processing and illustration.

Everything for your print be astonishing and make great impact with the right message. 


Media Analysis


Posigraf also cares about the prints results for its clients. Therefore, it offers assistance using a specific tool that aids in the promotional print media planning and promotes the positive impact that your action will be able to make. By means of traditional metrics, information on consumer behavior and personalized researches, Posigraf’s customers have qualified information about the quantity and the best locations for distributing their prints to a specific audience.




Hitting the target involves knowing exactly where your print will be most effective. By means of a smart service based on geo-processing softwares, digital maps and official data from IBGE (Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics), Posigraf’s customer gains efficiency in print distribution on door-to-door fashion. Personalized studies map the desired target audience by region, with sector development and distribution auditing, performed by homologated companies with Posigraf’s quality standards. A complete package that, coupled with media analysis, helps you increase the assertiveness of your promotion campaigns.

In other words, Posigraf does everything to ensure the efficiency of its printed products. For your next printed material, join the print shop that accomplishes much more for you!


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  • CAMPINAS: +55 19 2127 8300
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  • CURITIBA: +55 41 3212 5451
  • OTHER LOCATIONS: 0800-7225451

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