Social Responsibility:

The Positivo Group has proven, through practice, its commitment to society and environment, carrying out a series of investments and initiatives that, together with employees, teachers, students and partners, provide the reduction of environmental impacts and social transformation. In 2012, the Group founded the Instituto Positivo (Positivo Institute) (IP), whose mission is “To contribute to the communities’ social transformation in which Positivo Group acts, by connecting people, talents and knowledge."

Positivo Institute acts as a practice inducer and implements programs which place or expand the action in Social Responsibility of Positivo Group, plus the Institute shares the best practices exercised by them and the common market among companies and facilities. It also works as a manager for Positivo’s Private Social Investment and directs it to the following areas: Education, as a priority, the Environment and Social Mobilization, the fundamental scopes of Positivo Group.

Implementation of Environmental Management System – ISO 14001 Certification
Positivo plays an essential role by means of raising awareness in students and partners and the examples demonstrated in its actions. Ten new branches of Positivo Group have been certified with ISO 14.001, the international standard, among the most widespread and respected, which establishes the requirements for the operation of a consistent Environmental Management System. The EMS has been in place since 2012 in the following branches: four of Colégio Positivo (Elementary and Middle School), two of Curso Positivo (High School), at the Universidade Positivo (University), at the Technological Center (Batel and Ecoville) and at the Central Administration of Positivo Group (in Curitiba – PR). The ten new facilities follow the Posigraf and Positivo Informatics & Educational Technology examples, which already have the EMS system implemented and certified.

Publication of Sustainability Report
Annually, Positivo publishes its Sustainability Report, which follows the international methodology of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). For Positivo Group, this document is an important management instrument, which assists in the engagement of its several branches, in addition to offering more transparency about the Group’s operation.
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Positivo Volunteer Program
The program count on the dedication of time and talent of its employees and students. The Volunteer Committees, instituted at each of the Positivo branches, receive ongoing training and then bring up the Program guidelines to employees and students. The objective is to stimulate volunteer work on community development initiatives, based on Education, the primal axis of Positivo Group. The main projects are: Storytelling, Global Action in schools and Financing Program for Volunteer Projects.

Partnerships between Posigraf and Positivo Institute:

Mata do URU (URU Forest)

In 2003, Posigraf and the Society for Wildlife Research and Environmental Education (SPVS) together developed the Project Embracing Green Areas, an unprecedented and innovative partnership in Brazil. Posigraf became the first company to “adopt” a forest with araucária trees (typical tree of the State of Paraná) - the Mara do Uru, located in the town of Lapa – PR – ensuring proper resources for its preservation. Today this partnership has grown and Positivo Group, through the Positivo Institute, preserves this Private Reserve of Brazilian Natural Heritage (RPPN) of 131 hectares of native forest, which has, in its remaining forest, some animal and vegetable species that fall under the category of endangered species. For believing in the area potential, Positivo University, in association with the Institute, supports the development of scientific research at the site. The studies are of fundamental importance to expand botanical knowledge of the Mata do Uru and provide support for future actions related to the preservation an management of the area.

These actions reflect the commitment assumed by Positivo Group to play an educating and influential role in practices of social responsibility, aiming to develop in citizens greater awareness that will contribute, day-to-day, to a better society.
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ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 FSC LIFE

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