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Long before the customer’s product is ready, Posigraf has already started the work. This is because they care about quality since the beginning of the process, at the moment when what is known as pre-printing is taking place. Posigraf assists in preparing the layout, helping the customer or its communication and marketing agency to make the right choices and adjustments to obtain the best printing result.

Counting on the Bureau support, the machinery which takes over are the printing and plates engraving equipments of high technology, and the powerful printers from the company’s printing plant. Sheetfed or Web Press printers, the machines are modern and automatically regulate the amount of paint, avoiding color variation and waste.

Meeting the diverse post-printing demands, the finish is automated. Delivery, in the correct quantity and at the exact time, in all regions of Brazil; all these are part of our commitment with the customer. Whether by land, air or sea, the product printed here may also have a customized delivery. Large sprayed distributions, urgent or partial, or yet segmented deliveries? Posigraf can resolve it. 


  • Digital proofing system and color management.
  • Digital proof modules in the main Brazilian capital cities and in company.
  • Partnerships with bureaus from other cities, which may run the proofs within the standards required by the print shop.


  • Web Press printers: high performance machines with the most varied settings of in line finishing.
  • Sheetfed printers: machines that range from 1 to 8 colors with or without varnish.


  • UV Varnish
  • Folding
  • Automatic Stapling (folding and file)
  • Square spine book binding (hot glue and PUR glue)
  • Spiral book binding
  • Hard cover assembly 
  • Die cutting

  • SÃO PAULO: +55 11 5588 9500
  • CAMPINAS: +55 19 2127 8300
  • BH: +55 31 2514 8989 / +55 31 2514 8988
  • CURITIBA: +55 41 3212 5451
  • OTHER LOCATIONS: 0800-7225451

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